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My new favorite website

Y’all I may just be in LOVE!!! I mean LUB, WUB, LUBBING!!! I found this website by random coincidence and can’t stop from going back to check it every few hours. May I introduce, Pintrest. Simply wonderful site.

Seriously, if you like fashion, architecture, food, crafting, just neat stuff all together in one lovely user interface this is a place for you.  Ok, no more time to tell you of its wonder as I’m going back there now!  So just go, go look you won’t regret it I promise!


Damn Finger

How in the hell does one knit with THIS???

Stupid bandage   😐

Stupid finger   😦

Stupid broken finger that requires a stupid bandage   :[

I tried working from a different finger but that just feels WEIRD.  I tried threading through the bandage and then tightening / loosening the strappy do bobbers (highly technical term there…) all to no avail.

<LE SIGH>… Oh well, damn thing can’t stop me from drinking a beer!


Ok, no, not the pipes like your plumbing but Yahoo! Pipes.   Otherwise known as a mashup. Google it or wikit (I made it up… 🙂 short for go look it up on Wikipedia!). Tangents, tangents anywhoo, back to what I’m actually blogging about.

In its simplest form a mashup is a simple way to get information from multiple sources. In my case that would be KNITTING BLOGS woot! Love ’em! So, cleaned up and refreshed for the new year I’ve updated the knitting mashup for your pleasure.

I get the 3 most recent posts all together in one RSS from the following knitting blogs Ravelry, Yarn Harlot, Knitty, Grumperina, Knit & Tonic, Knitted Bliss, Vicki Howell, Knitters Review, Lion Brand, Crazy Aunt Purl, and Mason Dixon Knitting.

You can subscribe to the mashup via any RSS reader there are quite a few options. I personally love Google Reader.

So with no further ado here you go:


One more day

Just for one more day can you be little and I can be big…

Just for one more day can you lean on my shoulder instead of you being so tall I lean on yours…

Just for one more day can you believe that I know everything…

Just for one more day can you be so excited to see me you clap your hands when I walk in the door…

Just for one more day can I carry you and cradle you in my arms…

Just for one more day can I take all of your troubles away and make everything better with a kiss…

Just for one more day can my heart not break every time I think about what happens in two years when I have to let you go start your own life…

One more day

Knitting WOW!

Sometimes a knitter must humble themselves and bow down to a superior talent…  I do so now!  Take a look at this…

Guinness World Record Knitting Needles


Now if knitting with those bad boys is not mad skillz I sure the heck do not know what is?!?  That my friends is the woman who holds the world record for knitting with the largest needles.  You can read about her on Wikipedia here:  Ohh, and check out their website.  She’s also done this with 50 strands of wool (YES, you read that right FIFTY):

Wonder if they let her carry those on a plane?

I love addons and software and how to’s.  Hell, I’m a downright junkie for the latest and greatest “Tweak”.  No, matter how big or small bring it on I’ll try it.  So today a few of my faves and places to find them.

RocketDock – This is a free software that you can addon that gives you a gorgeous little tool bar.  A wee bit of tweaking and you’re all set to go.

ScrollWall – – Want a little itty bitty program that will cycle through your pictures for wallpaper?  Another freebie.  Simply install, then look in your quick links and tell it where the pictures you want it to use are.  That simple!

MakeUseOf – – And to wrap us up one of my all time faves for finding the neat little tools.  Simple little site with tons of articles.  Their weekly post on, “Cool Websites and Tools” is always worth a glance.

More than interesting

So a new edition of that’s interesting. Ever wonder how to start a jellyfish tank? Create a butterfly garden? Make hamburger cupcakes? Motivate your employees? Make a 3D paper snowflake? Win a street fight?

If you’ve never used it before Wikihow: is the place for you!

That’s interesting…

I often find really interesting “stuff” on the web. Category can be totally random. I never post this stuff and mean to tell people about it but then forget. So hear you have it something interesting for a Friday.

This one was way to cool to pass up. Ever Google your name? Use this online tool to search people for all public information. It gathers information from social networks, docs, and the web. Better yet it’s FREE!

Webmii –

Harvest Time

Well the first harvest of the season is in and I am very happy to declare that the basil is looking beautiful.  I must admit it is very hard for me to bring in the first harvest of herbs every year. I grow basil from seed.

So first

  1. Find the best seeds
  2. Then the best growing medium for seeds
  3. Then plant
  4. Water gently daily
  5. Watch
  6. Wean them gently to the outdoors
  7. When the time is finally right you transplant them to the great outdoors
  8. Next it’s watering
  9. Watch some more

It seems a shame that as soon as they are big enough you chop them back so they won’t go to flower.  But alas unless you prefer your basil as an ornamental you must.  And well that has been the point of the whole excercise as well.  The freshest herbs for meals and the rest dried and put away in the pantry for future use. I didn’t have a recipe in mind for this particular batch so it all went into the handy dandy dehydrator (thank you NESCO)!

First a little bath to clean away any unwanted visitors.  Must admit the last minute cricket was a bit of a surprise but he was kinda cute.

Then pulled the leaves off of the stems and got them arranged on the drying trays.

All stacked up and ready to go!

One evening in the dehydrator later.

Quick trip through the food processor.

Now the one thing I forgot to mention was that in here somewhere hiding amongst my sweet basil there is a cinnamon basil.  I will have to be more careful next time I harvest but there was nothing to by the time I figured it out.  So I took a bit of sweet basil and purple basil left over from the garden last fall and mixed them together.

I think that it made a rather divine looking mixture.  Now it also smells heavenly.  No hint of cinammon.

It’s Summer!

Yes, yes, you are aware of that fact I assume. However, this morning I got my first little luxurious view of one of summer’s glories.  It’s my first tomato!  Isn’t she just beautiful?  I’m sure it’s a her because she’s earlier than everyone else!

Just to give perspective on how itty bitty teeny tiny she is yet here’s a different view.  Amazing what a little perspective can change!

Can not wait to see more! These are the first tomato plants that I’ve ever grown so I’ve been watching them rather closely keeping my fingers crossed. Potted gardens can be a little more delicate if you aren’t careful with the watering. Seems like we’re going to be just fine though! Also, got the nice surprise of finding my first flower on one of the pepper plants.

Am thrilled to finally see a flower on one of my peppers! As you can see below something has been making them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Danged if I can figure out what it is. I check them morning, noon, and night and have yet to find even a single bug? I know it’s there as the evidence is well, overwhelming. I hate the thought of using chemicals but if I can’t even see the ugly bugger to get him to a new more acceptable home (i.e. a long toss over the fence) what the heck else is one to do???

So anyone out there with some words of wisdom for how to get rid of the amazing invisible bug, it would be most appreciated!